Strategic Team

Marcus is the Chair of the SCA Strategic Board with responsibility for constituting board members and the objectives of the standing committee of analysts are observed

Currently Chief Inspector responsible for the strategic operational delivery of the Drinking Water Inspectorate in England and Wales

Shaun is Chair of the Microbiological Methods working group since 2016. Responsible for all microbiological publications including the series: Microbiology of Drinking Water, Microbiology of Recreational and Environmental Waters and Microbiology of Sewage Sludge.

Currently Microbiology and Public Health Manager at Wessex Water Services Ltd. Graduate microbiologist, practising in the Water Supply and Wastewater actively contributing to the work of SCA.

Steve has been involved in many aspects of analytical chemistry including method development and validation, largely within the water and environmental fields. He has also acted as a Technical Inspector on behalf of DWI auditing Cryptosporidium laboratories and is now involved in the management of a proficiency scheme for this analysis.

Steve Kippin is formerly Head of Environmental and Food Chemistry at LGC previously known as the Laboratory of The Government Chemist) where he worked for over forty years.

Chair of the ISO subcommittee on water quality sampling, ISO TC 147 SC6. Representing the Society of Chemical Industry as an SCA stakeholder with a primary interest in ensuring the quality and usability of data produced using SCA methods.

Tim White is Managing Director of Marquis & Lord Ltd, a firm of consulting scientists engaged in data use and interpretation.

David has over twenty years experience leading and managing large multi site laboratories supporting the provision of drinking water and wastewater services across Scotland. Specialising in trace organics David lead the team providing inorganic and metals analysis.

David now have overall responsibility for the full range of Scottish Water’s analytical services including microbiology and Cryptosporidium.

John Watson (CBiol MSB ACQI) has over 20 years experience of working as a scientist in the UK water industry. Starting his career as an algologist, he then progressed through leadership roles in the Microbiology Laboratory and has contributed to the Microbiology of Sewage Sludge series.

John is currently Quality and Support Manager for South West Water’s Laboratory

Paul Greenwood (CChem MRSC) has a 13 year post-graduate career in drinking water and environmental testing and analytical instrument manufacture. He is an active participant in various BSI technical committees and a member of the UK Reference Material Working Group

Paul joined UKAS in 2006 and is currently a Divisional Director and a member of the UKAS Executive and responsible for ensuring strategic development and delivery of accreditation nationally and internationally.

Dr Ian Barnabas (CSci CChem FRSC) is the chair of the Organic Methods Working Group since 2015. Ian is responsible for the development of the Organic chemistry Bluebooks and has been active with the SCA since the 1990’s.

Currently Head of Laboratories and Sampling for Northumbrian Water Group, he has over 25 years experience in the water industry. Ian is also the chair of the BSI physical and chemical methods committee (EH3/2) responsible for representing the UK in both ISO and CEN standardisation work in the area of Water Quality.

Gavin is treasurer of the SCA and has been involved with the development of “Blue Books” since the early nineties, and since 2005 analytical standards development in water quality for ISO TC 147 SC2.

Gavin started his water industry career in 1984 as an analytical chemist, developing organic chemistry methods. A Principal Scientist at Severn Trent Water involved with technical and quality matters. He also works alongside Public Health and Standards, as well as field monitoring and on-site testing.

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