The Standing Committee of Analysts

The Standing Committee of Analysts

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5 - To be an Industry focus for continuous improvement

Objective – Descriptive Comment

Actions – what are we going to do to achieve this?

How will we measure our success?


We will encourage open participation by industry and other stakeholders

Provide a mechanism for website users to comment on content and ensure that this is responded to promptly.

We will maintain regular communication with industry and stakeholders

We will actively seek input from users of SCA methods on emerging analytical issues.

We will actively encourage SCA Working groups to seek out innovative solutions to analytical issues and continuously improve current methods.

We will encourage attendance at conferences, workshops and seminars to keep abreast of latest developments.

We will be open to new and innovative ideas to improve our methods and the way we work.

Responses to queries are delivered within seven days.


We will send out regular newsletter to engage with our customers and stakeholders.

Active participation of industry experts in the Working Groups





We will encourage open communication with regulators, accreditation organisations and professional and learned bodies

Develop and publish the five year plan for the review and updating of methods.

Maintain contact with UK regulators to ensure that methods meet future regulatory needs.

We will forge new and improved links with academic institutions and other learned bodies that have a positive reputation for analytical innovation.

Feedback from users and other stakeholders




We are responsive to industry regulation and emerging challenges

We will regularly engage with regulators to understand emerging challenges and needs.

We will seek to hold workshops with regulators to help develop our plans and future work programmes.

Maintain a record of our engagement.


Innovation workshops built into our work plan subject to resource availability


We will prioritise the development and publication of methods that incorporate best practice and the most recent advances in analytical technology.

We will identify industry and stakeholders priorities through our engagement process

We will develop forward looking plans to meet customer priorities within resource constraints




Feedback on our plans



The Standing Committee of Analysts (SCA) exists to provide authoritative guidance on methods of sampling and analysis of waters and effluents, sewage sludges, sediments, soils (including contaminated land) and biota. Where appropriate, guidance on the sampling and analysis of air will also be produced. The primary duty of SCA will be to develop and publish recommended analytical methods. This will not include the provision of advice on, or interpretation of results. All methods published by the SCA should be capable of satisfying a regulatory demand, be fit for purpose and represent best practice within the United Kingdom (UK).
However, validation data published with methods represents performance under a particular set of circumstances and is provided for illustrative purposes only. It is incumbent on users of SCA methods to assess performance on their equipment, in their laboratories, with their personnel.