The Standing Committee of Analysts

The Standing Committee of Analysts

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4 –To be recognised experts in Drinking Water and Environmental Analysis and ensure publications are established upon a sound scientific base

Objective – Descriptive Comment

Actions – what are we going to do to achieve this?

How will we measure our success?


We will ensure that each working group will have a core membership of expert practitioners

Appointment of working group chairs by the Strategic Group with seasoned professionals who are recognised experts within their field.

Review membership of each working group every five years

Remit of working group chair includes ability to select/deselect members of the group depending on the skills and expertise required

Every publication will identify the active contributors to enable readers to verify authorship and demonstrate expertise


All Working Groups have recognised expert chairs


Active participation of industry experts in the Working Groups

Active participation of industry experts in the Working Groups


Each publication will contain a contribution list


Strategic group


Strategic group

Working Group Leaders


Working Group Leaders

We will ensure all publications have a sound scientific base.

Working Groups consist of sufficient expertise to ensure rounded view of methodology is published.


All new methodology will be validated to required standards and will be available to the end user.


Validation of methodology undertaken by a number of laboratories to ensure all factors which could contribute to performance is included


Peer review of finalised documents by SCA or other experts outside the working party.


Active participation of Working Group members – all publications contributed to by a number of parties.


All new methodology published will include data derived from validations and include limitations that the end user needs to be aware of.

Working Group ensures sufficient representation from active practitioners who can commit resource to validation.


Published documents are accepted by the stakeholders and answer questions rather than generate debate.


Working Group Leaders


Working Group Leaders


Working Group Leaders


SCA Strategic Board


We will promote the brand of the SCA as a source of expert methodology

SCA branded web site with information on Strategic Board members and working groups

Easily found and identifiable website which promotes the brand and provides assurance of the quality of its publications




The Standing Committee of Analysts (SCA) exists to provide authoritative guidance on methods of sampling and analysis of waters and effluents, sewage sludges, sediments, soils (including contaminated land) and biota. Where appropriate, guidance on the sampling and analysis of air will also be produced. The primary duty of SCA will be to develop and publish recommended analytical methods. This will not include the provision of advice on, or interpretation of results. All methods published by the SCA should be capable of satisfying a regulatory demand, be fit for purpose and represent best practice within the United Kingdom (UK).
However, validation data published with methods represents performance under a particular set of circumstances and is provided for illustrative purposes only. It is incumbent on users of SCA methods to assess performance on their equipment, in their laboratories, with their personnel.