The Standing Committee of Analysts

The Standing Committee of Analysts

Strategic Objective 2 - Build relationships in order that laboratories and regulators and accreditation bodies alike have confidence in the methods




Initial Thoughts

Strategic board members will actively engage with stakeholder organisations such as regulators, standardisation and accreditation bodies and professional societies

Regular communication with industry and stakeholders

Who are the stakeholders? Are they appropriate?

EA, DWI (lab liaison meeting), DWQR, UKAS, Water companies (mutual aid), SEPA, WASC, RSc(WSF), Instituet of Biology, BSI, Contract laboratories

We will strive to create a global user list by actively engaging participation from our stakeholder groups and reaching out to new members.

Construct and carry out survey

Who to target?
Where are methods referenced?
International users.
How do we encourage new members to participate in working groups?


We will publicise the work of the SCA as well as our methods.

Website, Be on agenda at industry meetings, newsletters, industry publications

How do working groups feed into this?
Who/how do we distribute new publications

Article on past present in RSC\WSF newsletter

We will produce a marketing plan to promote the work of the SCA.

Plan to summarise all activities with action owners

What support/marketing expertise  is needed?