The Standing Committee of Analysts

The Standing Committee of Analysts

Microbiology Working Group

Standing Committee of Analysts for Microbiology

Our committee of drinking water and environmental microbiologists produce and maintain a broad range of blue book methods for drinking water, recreational and sludge matrices.  We hold biannual meetings across the United Kingdom to help achieve this, in addition to specific meetings for the revision of methods by selected sub-group members.
Out our work plans, we dedicate the afternoon of our biannual meetings to education and learning.  We are always looking for speakers to present talks about their area of expertise and if you are inspired to share your work with us then please get in touch.
Our members, who are at a various stages of their careers; including bench, supervisor, management and quality system levels, arrange workshops on various topics.

If you have a passion for microbiology and want to join our amazing team and contribute towards the making of worldwide respected national methods then get in touch.


Membership of the group is set to change with the retirement and/or reduced involvement of some longstanding members and a change of chair.



The Standing Committee of Analysts (SCA) exists to provide authoritative guidance on methods of sampling and analysis of waters and effluents, sewage sludges, sediments, soils (including contaminated land) and biota. Where appropriate, guidance on the sampling and analysis of air will also be produced. The primary duty of SCA will be to develop and publish recommended analytical methods. This will not include the provision of advice on, or interpretation of results. All methods published by the SCA should be capable of satisfying a regulatory demand, be fit for purpose and represent best practice within the United Kingdom (UK).
However, validation data published with methods represents performance under a particular set of circumstances and is provided for illustrative purposes only. It is incumbent on users of SCA methods to assess performance on their equipment, in their laboratories, with their personnel.